It’s What To Expect When You’re Protecting

He Knows What You Need, Where To Find It and How To Install It.

Parent’s Feedback

  • “What we liked the most as new parents, is we didn’t have to learn what to
    child proof after an accident happened. You were preventative in a way only the experienced
    can be.

    — Laura

  • “knowledgeable and friendly… Jay helped me completely babyproof my home and
    helped make it a safe environment for my four kids…”

    —Nikki G.



Window Guards

Here’s the dilemma.

Fresh air for kids vs. limiting the chance of falls from windows. Our children need fresh air. There have been numerous studies done that have determined indoor air can be toxic! If you live in a high-rise building window guards are mandatory on all windows. In a single-family home window guards are recommended.

The Coach Says These are the Highest Risk Windows in Single-Family Homes:

This list pertains to casement (crank out) windows and double hung windows.

  • When a bed is under a window
  • When a window seat is under a window
  • Windows in a second or third floor playroom
  • Windows right next to a toilet
  • Windows that have something to climb under them
  • Low windows

Also available: Window stops, window locks, window cables in many shapes and sizes. Need a matchmaker for your windows? You can always ASK THE COACH.