Child Safety Quiz

1) At approximately what temperature should your home's domestic hot water be set, to prevent scalding yet still clean dishes and clothes? 160 degrees 120 degrees 135 degrees 2) What is the earliest age your child should be able to sleep in the top bunk? 4 5 6 3)...

Do it Yourself

What You Need. An electric drill and electric screwdriver. Screws (generally #6 or #8 from 1 ¼" up to 3".) Drill bits and asst. Level     Always WEAR EYE PROTECTION! Follow The Insructions Read the manufacturers instructions thoroughly, then ask the coach...

7 Cost Free Child Proofing Tips You Can Do On Your Own!

1. FINGER PINCHING IN DOORS: Ouch! Take a bath towel, throw it over the top of the door so the door doesn't close fully and pinch their fingers. Jam it in the hinge to restrict the door even more. 2. REFRIGERATOR MAGNETS: They hit the floor when people brush past them...

5 Most Overlooked Child Safety Hazards In your Home!

1. AUDIO and/or VIDEO MONITOR CORDS: If you have any stereo, entertainment, or computer systems in your home, their cords can run down the side of furniture or along the floor where your child can grab them and get tangled or strangled while you're not even in the...

Parent’s Feedback

  • “What we liked the most as new parents, is we didn’t have to learn what to
    child proof after an accident happened. You were preventative in a way only the experienced
    can be.

    — Laura

  • “knowledgeable and friendly… Jay helped me completely babyproof my home and
    helped make it a safe environment for my four kids…”

    —Nikki G.