It's What To Expect when You're Protecting
He Knows What You Need, Where To Find It and How To Install It.

Parent's Feedback

  • "What we liked the most as new parents, is we didn't have to learn what to child proof after an accident happened. You were preventative in a way only the experienced can be."

    — Laura

  • "knowledgeable and friendly… Jay helped me completely babyproof my home and helped make it a safe environment for my four kids…"

    —Nikki G.

  • "Jay was thorough, knowledgeable, fast, and professional in his work. He was extremely easy to talk and work with. Our home was extremely child-safe after he finished his work in the house. We got great value for our money and time."

    —John H.

  • "I've recommended you lots of times to friends! Our son is two now but we are grateful every day for how much safer you made our home - especially love that you were able to put up a safety gate to our basement that works great for our son..."

    — Donna

  • "Jay did an amazing job baby-proofing our house. He selected and installed great products that are easy to use and that are still going strong after nearly a year of constant use. I highly recommend him!"

    — Audra H.,
    hired The Coach in 2010

  • "Jay is professional, personable and an expert on what he does!…helped us on several occasions to make our home a safe place for our twins...will not push you into extra things, very honest about what is needed…"

    — Jessica G.,
    hired The Coach in 2011

  • "Jay child-proofed my house with top quality products that kept my children safe! He was honest and a pleasure to work with."

    — Sandy H.,
    hired The Coach in 2011

  • "Jay came when my son starting walking at 7 months...with several creative solutions that not only baby-proofed the house but also were very functional for everyday living. He is very personable and professional."

    — Adele L.,
    hired The Coach in 2011

  • "Jay was wonderful! His prices were very reasonable, he was curteous, and his work A+++++. I would highly recommend him to anyone..."

    - Katie W. in Trumbull, CT

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What You Need

Child Safety Quiz?

    1) At approximately what temperature should your home's domestic hot water be set,
    to prevent scalding yet still clean dishes and clothes?
  • 160 degrees
  • 120 degrees
  • 135 degrees
    2) What is the earliest age your child should be able to sleep in the top bunk?
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
    3) Which is the correct number for poison control?
  • 800-222-2911
  • 800-222-1222
  • 800-111-2111
    4) Hot stoves are the leading cause of childhood burns
  • Yes
  • No
    5) How tall should a fence be to prevent a child from getting to a pool?
  • 42
  • 24
  • 36
  • 48
    6) The safest child safety gate for the top of the stairs swings in both directions?
  • Yes
  • No
    7) Trampolines are safe if?
  • Only two people jump at once
  • If a safety pad covers the frame and springs
  • If they do not have an enclosure
  • none of the above
    8) Children should ride in the back seat of a car until they are?
  • 12
  • 14
  • 16
  • 18

Score =