It’s What To Expect When You’re Protecting

He Knows What You Need, Where To Find It and How To Install It.

Parent’s Feedback

  • “What we liked the most as new parents, is we didn’t have to learn what to
    child proof after an accident happened. You were preventative in a way only the experienced
    can be.

    — Laura

  • “knowledgeable and friendly… Jay helped me completely babyproof my home and
    helped make it a safe environment for my four kids…”

    —Nikki G.




Hopefully you have a nice flat wall made of wood to work with. If this is your case, then you’ve got it made! But in reality, there’s a much better chance you’re up against: Brick, Sheetrock with molding at the bottom, skinny spindles, a decorative wood post, decorative molding-like chair rail on the wall, a window where the gate wants to go, wrought iron railings, a handrail and many other possible scenarios the Coach runs across on a daily basis.


What You Need To Know About Choosing A Gate:

Truthfully, all gates are great when installed properly in the application for which they were designed. However there are alot of types gates to choose from. You have: Wood gates; White metal gates; Pressure gates; Angle Mounted gates; Roller Shade gates; Wide gates; Fireplace gates and More!


Which one is best for you?

When you are up against it, you do whatever you can to get back to the best case scenario: A flat surface made out of wood. Thankfully, The Coach knows and can evaluate your house and help you create the best case scenario in 15 minutes.