It’s What To Expect When You’re Protecting

He Knows What You Need, Where To Find It and How To Install It.

Parent’s Feedback

  • “What we liked the most as new parents, is we didn’t have to learn what to
    child proof after an accident happened. You were preventative in a way only the experienced
    can be.

    — Laura

  • “knowledgeable and friendly… Jay helped me completely babyproof my home and
    helped make it a safe environment for my four kids…”

    —Nikki G.



Electrical Safety

What is the First Childproofing Measure Most Parents Take When Their Baby Becomes Mobile?

They plug up the outlets. Consumer Reports says, THIS IS WRONG. The standard plastic outlet plug is unacceptable. They will wind up all over the house and can become serious CHOKING HAZARDS to your child!

In some states it is illegal for day care centers to use these. They come out easily and if they don’t, you can get a screw driver or butter knife to pry them out. Children learn by what we do and you just taught your child to head for the outlets with a sharp metal object!

USE sliding outlet covers, outlet cover boxes, cord cover, power strip covers tape wires, barricade access under desks. No electrical applianceanywhere near the tub. No cords near the crib. The only “JUICE” your child needs comes from fruit.

As always, if you have a unique situation you can