What You Need.

  • An electric drill and electric screwdriver.
  • Screws (generally #6 or #8
    from 1 ¼” up to 3″.)
  • Drill bits and asst.
  • Level




  • Follow The Insructions
  • Read the manufacturers instructions thoroughly, then ask the coach when you have no idea what they mean
  • Pre-drill a hole slightly smaller than the screw you are about to use.This will keep wood from cracking and long screws from breaking when entering hard wood
  • Use a level on your gates hinge side or level the wood mount for the gates hinge side. This will keep the gate steady, not flying open or closed when in use.
  • With your level, make sure that the wood mount is not only straight up and down but also level with the wall. This may take a small wood block at the top of the mount to make up for the space created by the molding on the bottom.
  • And of course if you have a unique situation, you can always ASK THE COACH!