Let’s face it, nobody really wants to “childproof” their home, do they?  No one voluntarily wants to make changes that could affect their homes beauty or its value.  It’s generally a process that starts grudgingly, proceeds out of desperation and then becomes mandatory due to issues of your child’s survival.  When we finally need to take some action, most encounter quite a bumpy road.  It doesn’t have to be that way!

What if you could get your “childproofing” done tastefully, with attention to detail?  What if you could match a baby gate to the trim of your home?  Wouldn’t you love it if any hole had to be made, it would be the size of a pinprick that anyone with a pinky’s worth of spackle could fix in a minute, leaving no trace that a properly mounted safety gate had ever graced that particular threshold?  Well, it can work that way.  You can have your edges cushioned, have your chemicals locked, keep your dressers from tipping and much more without risking any permanent damage to your home.  You can cure the fears of destruction while creating a womb of safety for your little one.

There is a select group of businesses that have been doing this for decades.  They call themselves “Child Proofers”.  Not handymen, not your builder, not a carpenter, but folks who have been working with “baby proofing” products for a very long time.  They know what works, they know what you need, they know where to find them, and they know how to get the most out of them.

The assumption that “if you buy it in a store, it will work” tends to be every parents’ downfall.  The question becomes, “Do you call for help in anticipation or do you call for rescue when the road gets rough?”

The ideal, is that you want it to be easy to get around your home, yet safe for your child.  You cannot afford to be struggling with inferior products for years.  You want there to be no trace that your home was “baby proofed” by the time your child enters first grade.

All the information you need is just a phone call or a website away.  If you are a seeker who wants to do things properly from the “get-go”, then get in touch with a child proofer who has a great reputation for quality and value.  Ask a friend whom they’ve used.  Every home and every parent’s threshold for safety are different.  Talk to a childproofer.  It’s not all about spending money.  It’s about common sense, being creative and getting a little help that can go a very long way!


Written by Jay Martel the “Child Proof Coach” www.childproofcoach.com


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