Would you like to avoid the next three years of living in a “baby jail”?  Would you like to make your home tastefully safe for “little people” to roam? If that’s a yes and a yes, keep reading…  I’m going to give you free ideas, cost effective strategies, as well as the perfect plan.  So you can toss that giant play yard, break down that makeshift fort, and let the toddlers toddle, because it’s their house too!!

First the free stuff!  Get down and pick up.  You’re looking for loose change, paper clips, old food, dust bunnies, marbles, rocks, and any other unidentifiable nasty’s.  You’re in their office now!  Next, crawl over to the floor vents.  Can you lift them up?  If yes, secure with double stick tape – Velcro – or put the leg of a piece of furniture on it.  Unfortunately, their office also comes with unlimited voltage, at eye level.  Isn’t that lovely?  First choice, block it with furniture, or a giant throw pillow.  DO NOT PLUG IN PLASTIC OUTLET CAPS!!  I will explain in the cost effective strategy section.  Oh, and while you’re down there, look for floor outlets.  We don’t want anyone to drool into them.  They come with screw on covers, or just move the area rug over them.

You can get up now.  Go to the linen closet and get some cushy quilts.  We are going to remove any furniture with sharp corners on it, to the basement, attic, or another room.  If you wish, sometimes you can make them a side table.  Glass tables must go!  If it’s sharp and needs to stay, throw a quilt over it.  You just created a padded ottoman.  Get a tray table if you need to balance your Merlot and a remote after they’re all tucked in.  Quilts go around fireplaces too.  Just think of it as a picnic.  You can now get the fruit and cheese.

More free tips in no particular order.  Run lamp cords down the back of tables so that wires to pull on are out of reach.  Look for dangling cords from window treatments and tie them up.  If your containment plan is family room / kitchen, and your microwave looks like it was put there for them, press the control lock button.  Speaking of the kitchen, close the dishwasher until it clicks, cook on the back burners, pull the stove knobs off unless you’re cooking, and move chemicals, blades, corncob holders and skewers up, up , and away.

Looks like we’ve run out of time in this edition for Cost Effective Products and The Perfect Plan.  Stay tuned for more, or seek us out with specific questions that pertain to your house.  OMG, the guests are here for your impromptu cocktail party.  Just pull the quilts.  You’ve got your house back.  Enjoy!!

🙂 Jay