Wow!  What an experience.  A Child Proofer came to my house today, to help with Baby Proofing.  I had no idea what a great “eye” he would have for the safety of my little peanut.  I had no idea how insightful he could be, and how many free safety tips he would have for us.  His observations allowed me to anticipate and take action!

Looking back on it, the insight gained as to what my daughter would do, came true in the next few months.  Along with the detailed observations during our home safety survey / evaluation, we decided to have some items professionally installed that same day.

We could not believe the results.  Not only did we have two sturdy cabinet latches installed under our kitchen sink, but he adjusted the cabinet doors in the process.  Now the cabinet doors line up straight and no longer scrap the bottom of the cabinet frame as they close.  Oh, Oh, Oh, and… when he adjusted the cabinet doors, he also tightened and straightened the cabinet handles that had been loose for years!

But guess what?  It got better!

Our child must be a water sign.  She is attracted to anything she can splash in.  When our Child Proofer installed the potty lid lock, he tightened the toilet seat itself.  Now, when I sit to squat, I no longer feel like I am sliding off into the shower.  What a difference a day makes.  What a difference a Child Proofer makes.

Now this one really blew me away.  The Child Proofer recommended sliding electrical safety plates, because the plastic caps that we had were lying all over the house, and never seemed to be replaced after someone used the outlet.  We were told that the caps were actually a choking hazard for babies and read the reviews that backed up the claim.  Now, when a child unplugs a device from an outlet, the sliding cover shuts closed, and the baby can’t attempt to plug it back in. Very cool, but this is not what blew us away.  The Child Proofer asked me to put my hand over the original outlet cover.  I felt a huge draft of cold air.  After he replaced it, I felt no draft at all.  Wow.. not only is this product safer for the baby, but it is truly a “green” product.  I will even save $$$$ on heating and air conditioning bills.

I thought to myself, “Nah, this can’t get any better.”  But sure enough it did.  He said, “lets not try to child proof the entire house, let’s just close some doors and keep the baby in the safest part of the house, where we can see him.”  I agreed.  We went to close a door that would keep the baby away from the mud room / garage.  We closed it, but it pushed right open.  The door was not clicking closed properly.  Hmm..  Neither did the door to the basement.  Now what?  He looked at me with a reassuring smile and said, “Give me 15 minutes.”

15 minutes later both doors had new life and were clicking closed once again.  Since the basement door had stairs leading down, he recommended t putting a hardware latch up high and out of reach.  We did so.  Great idea, and next to nothing to purchase.  Incredible peace of mind.

Our Child Proofing evaluation and installation was truly an incredible experience.  This part of the parenting journey is not at all about spending money on gadgets and gizmos.  It’s about an eye for anticipating and addressing the potential child safety issues in your specific home.  Child Proofers flat out have an eye for things you see everyday but don’t notice.  Child Proofing should not be an “after the fact” hustle to get up to speed.  Make it an in home playdate with a Child Proofer in your area.

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